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The ability to do what is needed both physically and mentally.


Having the mental fortitude to push through any given obstacle you are presented with.


The rate at which the mind muscle connection between the brain and body move given a certain stimuli. 


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SRS Performance

Who we are

SRS Performance was established in 2022 by owner; Spencer Scott. With a Bachelors in Exercise and Sports Science and a Masters in Strength and Conditioning; the passion to impact the lives of others not just happens in the gym but outside the gym as well. 

SRS Performance is helping others achieve their strength, resilience and speed goals. We focus on educating our clients with the proper training and nutrition needed to obtain optimal results and change their mindset to become the best version of themselves.

Certified Exercise Physiologist and Founder

Great to meet you.


I am Spencer Scott, owner and founder of SRSPerformance. I graduated from The University of Wisconsin River-Falls with a Bachelor's degree in Exercise and Sports Science and a Masters in Strength and Conditioning while also obtaining my EP-C and CSCS certifications. I am proud to say that I graduated with both degrees while playing college football. 

While attending UWRF, I worked in Physical Therapy clinics and Sports Performance facilities. I got the opportunity to be the Head Coach at Orangetheory Fitness before venturing off on my own to chase my dreams. I specialize in rehabilitation and sports performance.


Spencer Scott

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